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make the situation safe. then go about stopping the flow of gas. we expect that to happen in 4 minutes. >> okay. so can you tell us how many people were evacuated? give us the scope of the neighborhood, as well. >> sure. this happened at 24th and bryant down in the mission district. it's a mixed use residential an commercial district very lively district with a lot of businesses in the area along 24th street. and the contractor was doing some sewer work when believe it or not they dropped a huge rock on the exposed utilities underneath the street. so it's a good thing they didn't hit anything beyond the gas line because there's any number of utilities down there, gas, of course, electric, sewer, water, phone and cable. and when that happened, the rock struck just the wrong place right at an intersection
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where two of these 2" plastic gas mains come together that serve the individual businesses in the area. so we had to to work to squeeze down these gas lines by digging upstream of each pipe because where the contractor struck the line, it's too difficult to get to, unfortunately, with just our normal safety tools. >> sounds like you have a handle on the situation. we wish you the best, joe molica with pg&e. thank you for joining u. >> thank you. a highly contagious blood infection isn't a 17-year-old boy to the hospital in the north bay. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec with the health warning sent to petaluma high school families. >> it's very scary for all of us, for parents, students, but really appears that this is an isolated case. >> reporter: a case of a highly contagious blood infection caused by a bacteria that can also cause meningitis. a student at petaluma high school 17-year-old christopher
12:02 pm
swain started feeling sick on saturday and collapsed from exhaustion. he has been in the hospital ever since. >> i cried for quite a long time because he is one of my very, very close friends. it was just really crazy for him because he's one of the last people that i would expect to end up like this. >> reporter: soon after they found out, school officials sent a robo call to all parents explaining the situation telling them where to find more information and what to do if they expect their child is exposed. a blood infection is spread mainly through saliva or close contact with coughs or sneezes. >> we have been investigating and making sure that every person who had close contact with the young man is receiving the appropriate antibiotic prophylaxis. it's not necessary for all classmates, however. >> reporter: the health department is also contacting students at casa grande high school also in petaluma because swain had several close friends there. but with the preventative antibiotic, there have been no
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other confirmed cases. as for the boy. >> he is alert and awake this morning and doing much, much better and really seems to have pulled out, still worried about him but doing much, much better. >> reporter: in petaluma, anne makovec, kpix 5. cable cars had to be rerouted when a water main burst in san francisco this morning. residents near filbert street woke up with no water. it was all running through the roads as you can see here. utility crews are having to dig up the street to find the source. likely an old water pipe. the age of the pipe ground movement or perhaps cold weather all could be factors. fire investigators in danville are looking for the cause of an early-morning house fire. it was the smell of smoke that woke up the homeowners about 4:45 this morning. they got out safely. the fire appears to have started in an apartment above their garage. and an investigation under way to find out what caused a massive explosion in kansas city, missouri. we now know one person was killed in the blast but first
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and cadaver dogs are still searching the rubble there. adriana diaz has the latest. >> reporter: fire officials say they found a body in the blackened rubble of a popular kansas city, missouri restaurant. police had not been able to account for at least one j.j.'s employee after an explosion tuesday night. >> we cannot provide positive identification at this point. obviously it is sad news. >> reporter: officials are still searching the rubble to make sure there aren't more victims of the blast damaged several victims in the surrounding area. flames ripped through the shopping district before the dinnertime rush. witnesses smelled gas. fine officials confirm there was an accident at a construction site about an hour before the blast. >> we were called for a construction worker that had struck a gas line. we arrived on the scene there, conferred with missouri gas & energy at the time. we left the scene in their hands. >> reporter: the explosion and fire injured at least 15
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people, some critically. a major winter storm is expected to hit the area wednesday night, so city officials say they are working fast to collect evidence that will help with the investigation. adrian in a diaz for cbs news. >> a california lawmaker is putting pressure on the boy scouts to change its policy on gay members. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran has more on the new bill before the state legislature. >> reporter: the new bill is another step in what's been and almost five-month battle for eric andresen and his son ryan. >> boy scouts of america needs to catch up with the 21st century. discrimination is not okay anymore, no matter where you are. they need to stop this policy. >> reporter: a state senator introduced senate bill 323. backers are calling it the youth equality act. it would allow california to strip the tax-exempt status from youth groups like the boy scouts if they have policies from keeping homosexuals from participating. >> this is one of many
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consequences that may come into play if they continue to be discriminatory. in california, it's really not acceptable at all. >> reporter: the father-son team made headlines last year after ryan was kicked out of the scouts after he told a scout masters he was gay. the new bill brings mixed feeling to eric who supports the organization but not the discrimination they have brought to his son. >> i don't want to see this take -- have an impact on scouts. and i don't want to see troops folding because they have lost funding. >> reporter: the bill comes as the boy scouts are considering changing its policy barring gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgenders from the group. the executive board plans to meet in may. eric says what he doesn't want to see is the scouts forced to make a decision based off the bill but for them to understand why he and his son started the quest in the first place. >> i think if the state of california has an opportunity to make it clear that discrimination is not acceptable, then this is an
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appropriate bill to put forward. >> reporter: the bill would require a two-thirds majority vote because it involves changes to california's tax code. in lafayette, cate caugiran, kpix 5. coming up next, he is the first pope to abdicate in 600 years. how much he could collect during "retirement." >> dr. kim has the new way to determine what a baby means when he cries. >> and lawmakers in one state seeing red. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. storm clouds heading south lots of sunshine now and boy temperatures really warming up. we'll talk about that coming up. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to spring. get the poulan blower vac for just $79 at lowe's today. but this is almost unbelievable.. but this is almost unbelievable.. take a look.. this gas station eles is selling gas prices keep creeping up
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but this is almost unbelievable. take a look. the gas station in los angeles is selling regular for, yes, $5.19 a gallon. experts say the rise in prices is partly because a switch to expensive summer blends. $5.19. >> hopefully it doesn't head north. when pope benedict xvi's resignation takes effect in eight days so will his papal pension. just what kind of retirement package does he get? about $3,500 a month. that's what the catholic church typically offers retired bishops. the vatican has not disclosed any other financial arrangements that may have been made for benedict's retirement. the london telegraph says he will have the title of bishop emeritus of rome and will resume the use of his name joseph ratzinger. many children with dyslexia have difficulty reading. scientists in northwestern university found their brains
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interpret sounds differently. researchers found giving children listening devices that transmit their teacher's voice directly into their ears can help improve their reading skills. researchers at carnegie- mellon think they have discovered who is most likely to catch a cold. scientists measure protein complexes at the ends of chromosomes and they say young and middle-aged adults with shorter chromosome caps were more susceptible to infection and there's no real way to show if you have shorter caps but if you get sick a lot, you now know it may just be because of your genes. so hey. >> i didn't know that. >> now you do. here's an interesting story. men with facial hair are less likely to get sick, believe it or not. that's according to new research from the university of southern queensland in australia. those mustaches and beards are much more than a fashion statement. they trap allergens that cause asthma attacks help keep the skin from drying out and protect the face from harmful uv rays. >> you should grow out your moustache again. >> george clooney and ben affleck there. the sound of a baby cry can
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make most of us cringe a little bit. crying is a universal language and today, dr. kim shows us spanish researchers say they have broken the code. >> when it comes to understanding a crying baby parents are clueless. >> i wish.>> reporter: when a baby cries -- >> it means anything. is she hungry? feeling sick? is she afraid of somebody? let's just go down the list and find out exactly what the baby is trying to communicate. >> reporter: now spanish researchers have cracked the baby code. >> they could decode it and tell me why, if i had a reference sheet every time she cried that would be great. >> reporter: listen to the eyes and lists end to the sound. an angry baby keeps his eyes half closed looking in apparently no direction with an open mouth. his cry goes up and up and up. a scared baby keeps his eyes open all the time and moves his head backwards. a scared cry begins with tension, then explodes. and a baby in pain, his eyes are constantly closed and he is frowning.
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the cry starts suddenly at maximum intensity. in the study, the researchers found most parents could not figure out why their babies were crying especially in the case of anger and fear. but don't worry, says this pediatrician. time is on your side. >> most parents by the time the baby is three or four months old they understand the crying and they can tend to those babies much faster and more quicker. that's when the comfort level comes in. . >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, kpix 5. >> did you learn anything there? >> we did actually but now our kids are past that stage. >> thank goodness. it always worries when you can't talk and tell you where they're hurt or sick. that's when you get worried. >> now they can talk. >> they talk a lot. [ laughter ] big changes in the weather today. of course, the rain is gone now. we have some mostly clear skies outside. looks like that is going to
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stick around. windy at the coast in the afternoon. concord at 55 right now. already warmer than yesterday all day. 57 in santa rose. 55 san jose. 53 degrees in san francisco. you can see the snow on the tops of the mountains just barely. it's already beginning to melt away now. but what a nice dusting of snow we had from that system yesterday. now headed into southern california. a milder afternoon breezy at the coastline tonight. it's going to be chilly again a couple of patches of fog but mostly a dry pattern setting up and what a change today. yesterday of course we had highs only in the 40s and 50s with the rain and snow over the mountains. today we are going to pop well above that. up to 60 degrees in concord. that's 11 degrees higher than yesterday. 10 degrees higher at 58 in san francisco. and we should check in at about 59 degrees, nine degrees warmer, into san jose. so that low sagging all the way down to southern california, where it's been bringing them some rain and some snow. price now slowing -- high pressure now slowly building into the bay area, with clouds over the top of the ridge from time to time and breezy
12:15 pm
especially at the coastline and inside the bay. temperatures looking not too bad today. how about 59 in san jose, 57 in fremont, 58 degrees in palo alto. a cool 56 and breezy in pacifica. east bay temperatures running up into the 50s and the low 60s too. and inside the bay we'll keep you in the 50s and the low 60s. nice and dry and cold overnight in many spots with 30s and 40s. the next few days we are going to see some sunshine and mixture of clouds but right now looks like things stay drive for the next five to seven days. >> looks good. >> i like seeing all the sunshine. >> hopefully we'll get back to the rain. i'd like to see that come back at some point. >> thank you. >> we'll all cry. >> we don't want to hear that. [ laughter ] it's time to eat now. fresh grocer tony tantillo is in today showing us when you're in the produce section your ears may help you pick out a fresh vegetable. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is with kale. fresh kale. this time of year all that nutritional value and let me tell you, it's in the top ten when it comes to super foods. it's loaded with nutritional
12:16 pm
value which is great for us. right now, in the market there are some beautiful kale. take a look at this right here. when you buy them, nice and green just like this all the way around. free from any yellowing whatsoever and you can just touch it and you can -- the squeakiness you know it's fresh. when you bring them home, store them in the fridge but open up the bag so they can breathe. that's very important. and only hold them for about two or three days. that's it. they look like they can hold up forever but they don't. the shelf life is very short on this beautiful kale so buy them and enjoy them as soon as you can. kale, you can't beat it. it's a superfood. and it tastes great when you cook it right. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. this stuff is good for you. >> that's the key. you have to cook it right. >> doesn't taste very good. >> i know. >> it's bitter. >> some people mask it. >> artistic license or changing history? >> lawmakers in one state question why key facts were
12:17 pm
change in the oscar nominated film "lincoln." >> plus the other movies with historical plots altered by hollywood coming up next.
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picture" nominees face controversy because of the oscars are just a few days away but three best picture nominees face controversy because of historical inaccuracies. jan crawford shows us why
12:20 pm
hollywood finds its "truth" in drama. >> you cannot have both. >> reporter: it's the drama at the heart of the movie. president lincoln struggled to persuade, inspire and outright strong-arm enough members of congress to approve the 13th amendment to ban slavery. >> my son into the war whoa to you if you fail to pass the amendment. >> reporter: but lincoln had more votes than the filmmakers let on. in the movie two connecticut representatives voted nay on the amendment. in fact 148 years ago, the connecticut delegation voted for it. >> we are talking about slavery here. this is not a vote on, you know, approving a highway project. >> reporter: connecticut congressman joe courtney said the inaccuracy denigrated the state. >> somebody who respects artistic license, what i still can't believe is being overlooked is that a vote is not dialogue between characters in a movie. a vote is an event. >> reporter: lincoln's screenwriter tony kushner admitted to change two of
12:21 pm
connecticut's votes to clarify that the 13th amendment passed buy a narrow margin. he added, i hope nobody is shocked to learn that i also made up dialogue imagined encounters and invented characters. that's hollywood. and in fact, lincoln's revisions are minor compared with two other best picture nominees. "argo"'s most dramatic scenes never happened including the daring escape attempt from iran. and then there's this year's most controversial nominee. >> i'm not your friend. i'm not going to help you. i'm going to break you. any questions? >> reporter: "zero dark thirty" about the killing of bin laden. senior members of congress have complained that scenes showing torture to get intelligence never happened. >> hollywood is known not as the truth factory but the dream factory. >> reporter: scott is the "new york times" film critic. >> people who criticize these
12:22 pm
movies tend to think, well, the audiences will be fooled. i think the opposite tends more to be the case that people who go to the movies think that what they are seeing even if it is true even if it is reality even if it is a documentary is really in the end just a movie. >> reporter: i'm jan crawford in washington. >> three great movies. "lincoln" you feel like you're right there but it's not a documentary. >> right. >> it's a movie. >> factually. there's hollywood in them. when we come back, a very costly coffee. >> how many shots and extras it took to create what one man says is the priciest pick me up the world has ever seen coming up. stay right there.
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in a video posted online.. the r old orders a ven well, a washington man says he has created the world's costliest cup of coffee. >> in a video posted online the 27-year-old ordered a vente with able to extra addins and calls it the quadriginoctuple frappe. price tag $47.30. but baristas gave it to him free because it was his birthday. he is now in a cardiac care facility. [ laughter ] >> he is still awake, right. >> hasn't slept for a week. captions by: caption colorado
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